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Journalists Can Now Sign ;lsquo;European Charter for Press Freedom' Online at

Hamburg, 01 June 2009 – Journalists Can Now Sign ;lsquo;European Charter for Press Freedom' Online at

The 48 editors-in-chief and leading journalists from 19 countries who adopted and signed the "European Charter for Press Freedom" on May 25 in Hamburg, have called on their colleagues across Europe to sign the Charter on the homepage.

The ten articles of the Charter formulate principles principles for the freedom of the press/media from government interference, in particular for their right to safety from surveillance, electronic eavesdropping and searches of editorial departments and computers, and for unimpeded access for journalists and citizens to all domestic and foreign sources of information. The aim is to assert the Charter's validity throughout the European Union and make its adoption a condition in EU accession negotiations.

The idea is that journalists all over Europe will be able to cite the charter in cases of conflict with the state or with state-controlled institutions, and to call on their international colleagues for help and support. The charter was drafted by journalists of leading German print media – "Stern," "Spiegel," "Focus," "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung," "Frankfurter Rundschau," "Tageszeitung (taz)," "Bild," "Die Zeit" and "National Geographic." It was initiated by Hans-Ulrich Jörges, a journalist with "Stern" magazine. "The more journalists in European countries follow our call to sign the Charter at, the more weight it will be given in asserting the basic rights of the press," said Jörges.

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