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Ligatus France concludes exclusive agreement with the largest titles of the French daily and weekly press

Hamburg, 13 March 2011 –

Les Echos, Le Figaro, Libé;ration, Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France) and three weekly journals(L'Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Point) have closed an exclusive partnership with Ligatus for the marketing of their text link formats in the area of performance marketing in France.

Hamburg/Köln/Paris, March 14th,2011
In correlation with the establishment of a digital kiosk for the Frenchdaily and weekly press and with the advertisement-oriented optimisation of their target groups the economic interest grouping E-Presse Premium (GIE E-Presse Premium) has mandaded Ligatus with the exclusive marketing of the text link formats from their member sites in France.

With the signing of this exclusive marketing agreement Ligatus further strengthens its position as leading French premium network. At the same time, the marketing cooperation with the founding members of the GIE E-Presse Premium, being also among the first partner sites of Ligatus in France, is a confirmation of the strong performance of the Ligatus network in France. Overall Ligatus is working together with the 15 leading French news sites, among them Le Monde and important regional newspapers.

Klaus Ludemann, Managing Director Ligatus and responsible for the expansion of the international business: "This exclusive marketing agreement with the largest French daily newspapers and weekly journals can be seen as determinative for the further developments in Europe. Our clear focus on the premium reach segment differentiates us from other service providers such as Google, who are following a quantitative alignment of their offerings, and we are serving a growing demand from the publisher's side. They are increasingly looking for premium performance marketing suppliers and can even image exclusive partnerships more often. In this context we are in an excellent starting position with Ligatus and are in corresponding negotiations in other European countries as well."

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