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MA 2002 Press Media II: current readership data published - G+J significantly improves its position.

Hamburg, 23 July 2002 –

The coverage data from MA 2002 Press Media II were released on July 24, 2002. This survey gives current coverage data for Gruner + Jahr and its competitors.

The results of the MA 2002 Press Media II, which covered the period between 25.03.2001 and 23.02.2002 are formed by the readership figures from both surveys. General magazine coverages in Germany paint a stable picture compared with the MA 2002 Press Media I of January this year: 69 titles have improved their readership, 15 titles have an unchanged coverage and 66 titles show coverage loss.

The G+J titles were able to retain or expand their strong position compared with the competitors. Our leading titles, STERN and BRIGITTE, have confirmed their indisputable ranking, says Michael Walter, acting director for G+J’s Advertising Department.

In the current MA, STERN still has scope to enhance its market-leading position even further in the current magazines area. With a current coverage of 12.3% (= 7.91 million readers per issue), the lead over Spiegel and Focus has significantly increased. In total, STERN won another 140,000 readers. The positive AWA results are definitively confirmed by the MA 2002 II and testify to the positive effects of STERN’s clear editorial positioning.

With a stable female readership of 10.2%, BRIGITTE confirms its undisputed market leadership in the area of traditional women’s magazines. In the face of particularly intense competition for young female readers, BRIGITTE YOUNG MISS has strengthened its position once again and has increased its coverage from 1.7 to 2.1% among women.

MARIE CLAIRE shows a stable coverage of 1.0%.

In the MA 2002 II, GALA again achieves a rating of 3.0% females
(= 1.01 million) and confirms its excellent position as the G+J people magazine.

FRAU IM SPIEGEL follows the positive market trend in the segment of weekly service magazines and even gives an above average performance with a readership increase from 5.4% to 5.8% among women.

ELTERN still maintains its position as segment leader in the target-group based segment of parental magazines which is diminishing slightly (decline in births). With a current 3.2% female coverage, the gap to the nearest competitors is still impressive. ELTERN FOR FAMILY was included in the MA for the first time and has a coverage of 0.8% among females. The family package combination (ELTERN and ELTERN FOR FAMILY) is therefore also included in the MA and achieves a 3.7% female readership.

Only SCHÖNER WOHNEN has been able to retain its coverage (3.2%) in the Living titles and is thus poised to further extend its uncontested market leadership.

In the Food titles segment, ESSEN ; TRINKEN holds on to its segment leader ranking with 3.1% (= 1.03 million) female readers.

G+J can enhance its position as undisputed market leader in the area of knowledge magazines even further in the current MA:

GEO increased its coverage from 4.0% to 4.2%, P.M. from 1.5% to 1.8% and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND from 1.2% to 1.4%. Another clear indicator of the value that quality journalism has and will continue to have even in difficult times.

CAPITAL, with a 1.9% coverage (= 1.21 million readers), retains its unchallenged segment leadership in the particularly turbulent segment of Business and Investor titles.

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