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Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and Gruner + Jahr form the Ad Alliance: IP Deutschland and G+J e|MS step up their collaboration

Hamburg/Cologne, 30 June 2016 – Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and Gruner + Jahr are stepping up their collaboration in the area of advertising sales. To this end, the sales houses IP Deutschland and Gruner + Jahr e|MS have formed the Ad Alliance. Under the slogan "For your media success," the Ad Alliance will offer high-reach platforms to advertisers and agencies and develop cross-media solutions and innovative advertising products from 1 January 2017. The Ad Alliance portfolio spans television, print, and digital. Advertising platforms include the TV channels RTL Television, VOX, and n-tv, the magazines STERN, BRIGITTE, and GALA, and the digital offerings of both sales houses. IP Deutschland and Gruner + Jahr e|MS will remain independent within the alliance.

Through the Ad Alliance, IP Deutschland and G+J e|MS will serve the rising demand for cross-media advertising solutions. Clients and agencies will turn to the Ad Alliance for integrated concepts that showcase advertisers' brands on all key media channels, from TV to print and digital. Offers will range from TV commercials, print ads, online display and video advertising to programmatic advertising, content and collaborative marketing, referral marketing, and creative ad solutions.

Anke Schäferkordt, Co-Chief Executive Officer of RTL Group and Chief Executive Officer of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland: "Strong brands and premium platforms in TV, print, and digital, combined with concept expertise in convergent solutions, are the strengths of the Ad Alliance. Therefore, the alliance of Gruner + Jahr and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland will further enhance the relevance of our offers for our advertisers."

Julia Jäkel, Chief Executive Officer Gruner + Jahr: "I am delighted that as affiliated companies we will collaborate even more closely in future. Together, we will seize the opportunities presented by the era of convergent media. Through the Ad Alliance we will create a cross-media offering in leading journalistic environments, and thereby position our sales alliance as the first choice for advertising clients."

Matthias Dang, Managing Director IP Deutschland: "Clients and agencies expect us to deliver innovative, creative advertising solutions that reach people effectively. The Ad Alliance combines the key success factors for these cross-media campaigns: the high-quality portfolios of IP Deutschland and G+J e|MS, and a team that masters the full range of options."

Frank Vogel, Management Speaker G+J e|MS: "We will serve current and future market demands through a combination of relevance, reach, concept expertise, and cross-media support of advertising concepts. Moreover, the Ad Alliance will maximise the impact of our sales competencies in TV, print, and digital, to the benefit of our clients and agencies."

About IP Deutschland
As the sales house of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, IP Deutschland is one of the leading marketing companies in Europe. Its portfolio includes the TV channels RTL, VOX, SUPER RTL, n-tv, RTL NITRO, and RTL Plus, as well as their online, mobile, and smart-TV offerings. IP Deutschland also markets external, video-centred offerings in the online, mobile, and smart-TV segments. Under the "FOURSCREEN" brand, IP Deutschland offers advertising clients media solutions and reach on all screens – TV, PC, tablet, and smartphone. You can find additional information at

About G+J e|MS

G+J e|MS is the full-service advertising sales house of Gruner + Jahr, one of the leading content houses in Europe, and is responsible for marketing print, online, and mobile media. The company's media include G+J brands like STERN, GEO, BRIGITTE, GALA, and CAPITAL, and clients like GRAZIA and VODAFONE LIVE! The high degree of relevance of the marketed brands in key segments like food, family, and women offers advertisers effective, high-quality environments for integrated, involving consumer contacts. Altogether, the G+J e|MS cross-media portfolio of print, online, and mobile media reaches nearly 60 percent of the German population. You can find additional information at

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