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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND: Dr. Erwin Brunner to Succeed Klaus Liedtke as Editor-in-Chief on June 1, 2009

Hamburg, 22 March 2009 –

After more than 40 years of serving the Gruner + Jahr publishing house as a reporter, correspondent, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of various magazines, Klaus Liedtke will retire upon reaching the age of 65.

On June 1, he will hand over the reportage magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DEUTSCHLAND to its new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Erwin Brunner. Brunner (54) has served as deputy Editor-in-Chief and chief copy editor of the magazine since its founding. He will also succeed Liedtke as Editor-in-Chief of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD. Prior to joining NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Brunner worked as an editor for DIE ZEIT for six years, including on the Dossier desk and as chief copy editor of ZEITMagazin, followed by ten years as deputy Editor-in-Chief and chief copy editor of the culture and travel magazine MERIAN.

Klaus Liedtke played a key role in the successful launch of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine on the German market in 1999. He has headed the editorial team ever since and has continued to develop the profile of the German-language edition, which is published as a joint venture between Gruner + Jahr and the Spanish publisher RBA. In 2003, Liedtke and his editorial team also launched NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD, the bilingual popular-science magazine for young adventurers.

Klaus Liedtke looks back on an unusual career in journalism. He worked for STERN magazine for over two decades: as a foreign correspondent, Washington correspondent, head of the international desk and finally as Editor-in-Chief. He supervised the content of LUFTHANSA MAGAZINE for around ten years as Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director and served as publisher of PARK AVENUE magazine for two years. Klaus Liedtke will carry on working as a journalist and will also continue his work on the executive and supervisory boards of various organizations within the UN environmental program.

Dr. Bernd Buchholz, CEO of G+J and President of G+J Deutschland, said: "Klaus Liedtke was a formative influence on the media he worked on for over four decades, with his skills as a journalist, his cosmopolitan outlook, excellent people skills and distinct sense of responsibility. He deserves the highest recognition for his achievements. As Editor-in-Chief for new developments and special assignments, and as a member of the Innovation Council, he has always been a valued advisor to me in journalistic and publishing matters. I thank him for his lifetime achievement at Gruner + Jahr and wish him only the best for his personal future."

Julia Jäkel, Managing Director of G+J Exclusive&Living, said: "Erwin Brunner personifies journalistic substance and reliability of content. He completely embodies the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC brand, with its timely mandate of ;lsquo;Inspiring people to care about the planet', and will continue to develop it with confidence and flair. I greatly look forward to this."

We will be happy to send you print-ready photos of Klaus Liedtke and Dr. Erwin Brunner upon request.

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