Press release

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is Magazine of the Year in Poland

Hamburg, 18 September 2002 –

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has been chosen as Magazine of the Year by the leading industry service in Poland. For the judges of Media ; Marketing Polska, it was not just the uniqueness and exceptionally high quality of the editing, layout and advertisements that were decisive factors in deciding to award the accolade to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, but also its positive influence on comparable segments and titles on the Polish market. With around 189,000 copies per month in 2001, the circulation of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has settled down, despite three increases in its price. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s coverage in the first half of 2002 (3.61%) increased around 40% compared to the previous year (2.84%).

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC was introduced by Gruner + Jahr in co-operation with the Spanish publisher RBA in September 2000 and was published simultaneously in the German, French and Polish languages. The magazine was also launched in the Netherlands in 2001.

Oliver Voigt, Manager of G+J Polska, said: The title Magazine of the Year is both an honor and an incentive. We will continue with our strategy of introducing high quality titles to help develop the Polish market as a whole.

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