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New addition to GEO family: GEO for Kids available in France from September 2002

Hamburg, 28 August 2002 –

GÉO ADO is the latest addition to the family of the successful reporting and knowledge magazine for children and young people and will be available in France from September. It will be published monthly and will present knowledge and information on geography, history, ethnology and biology to boys and girls in the 10 - 15 age group in a playful and fun way. As much emphasis will be placed on other cultures and peoples and the plant and animal kingdoms as on Napoleon and Africa. Another section will deal with current trends and teenage leisure activities. GÉO ADO will follow in the footsteps of the German GEOlino, which appeared for the first time in 1996 and today enjoys monthly sales of almost 200,000 readers (IVW II/02 196,868). Over 60% of 8 - 14-year old GEOlino buyers are subscribers. GÉO ADO (from adolescent) will be published by the French G+J publishing subsidiary, Prisma Presse, with a starting circulation of 200,000 copies. Together with WOMAN and STERN SPEZIAL BIOGRAFIE, GÉO ADO is the third new Gruner + Jahr title to appear in the second half of 2002 so far.

Like the magazines for adults, the creators of GEOlino and GÉO ADO also rely on traditional GEO qualities, such as lavish photography and thoroughly researched stories. The special, child-friendly treatment of topics makes GEOlino and GÉO ADO very entertaining edutainment magazines which are in a different league to classic children’s and youth magazines. These qualities were taken into account even at the design stage of the magazine, in order to really hit the mark with young readers. Fifty children and young people worked on the first edition of GÉO ADO as young reporters and as critics for books, music, movies and video games.

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