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"One for all": best for planning 2014 market-media study enables planning of media convergence for the first time

- Axel Springer, Bauer Media Group, Gruner + Jahr and Hubert Burda Media present second edition of the most comprehensive study on media planning
- Breakdown of online offerings, coverage figures of mobile websites and apps permits cross-media insight
- Study creates basis for optimum awareness opportunities for all brands

Hamburg, 17 September 2014 - Under the motto of "One for all", the management board of Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK) has today presented the new results of the best for planning (b4p) market-media study. In its second edition, the joint study by the four media companies uses an even more broadly based analytical technique to provide optimum opportunities for target group analysis and planning. One special focus this year is on the topic of media convergence. For the first time in the history of a market-media study, figures for online and mobile offerings have no longer been acquired purely through questionnaires but also from technical measurements. This breakdown of all online offerings from ma Online, coverage ratings of mobile websites and apps permits opportunities to gain cross-media insight. It opens up entirely new analysis options for media planners, such as combining the print, online, mobile offers and apps into a total coverage figure for a single media brand. As a result, b4p is the first market-media study that allows media convergence to be planned and creates a solid foundation for optimum opportunities of all brands to be perceived in the battle for awareness.

The study once again lives up to its claim of depicting the target groups relevant for planning in their full complexity by precisely examining people, markets and media in a holistic manner.

Hard facts
- More than 45,000 consumers were surveyed with 6,000 digitally accompanied customer journeys - Approx. 2,400 brands and 110 brand ranges. A new addition: coverage figures of digital offerings with 600 stationary and 400 mobile websites, numerous booking units and 200 apps - More than 800 million items of information obtained with 40 million measured desktop, mobile or tablet app actions

Catherin Anne Hiller, Group Director, Research & Consulting, Bauer Media Group
"Convergence has evolved into the greatest revolutionary factor in industrial history. Only one thing is certain in this development: the scarcest resource is perceptive capacity. Planning the fascinating world full of opportunities requires convergent data. With b4p 2014, we are presenting the basis for planning convergent markets."

Arne Bergmann, Managing Director for Marketing & Sales of Axel Springer Media Impact
"As media providers, we can now display the full strength of our media brands. This is because b4p demonstrates that our media brands have also established their leading market positions in the digital channels. They are the first point of contact for all topics in which users are looking for sound, professionally prepared and independent information."

Andreas Schilling, Managing Director of BCN (Burda Community Network)
"It provides us with confirmation of our joint research work that best for planning has established itself on the market in such a short time after its successful debut in 2013 and has become an everyday tool for many media planners. In 2014, we are taking the next step forward with comprehensive cross-media insights. By being able to depict brand coverage figures, we will be fulfilling one of our clients' essential requirements and thus further increasing market relevance."

Frank Vogel, Member of the Management Board with G+J Media Sales EMS, Gruner + Jahr
"Digitization and the associated media convergence captures the lives of users and thus accelerates and enriches, simplifies and complicates their everyday existence to an equal degree. Media play a dual role in this process: they fuel the information overload amongst consumers yet at the same time are needed more than ever for regulating stress and above all for slowing down the pace, relaxation and orientation! And, thanks to its insights, b4p is responsible for a comprehensive understanding of these processes and allows them to be used for media planning.

About best for planning
In the joint market-media study best for planning (b4p), the four media companies of Axel Springer, Bauer Media Group, Gruner + Jahr and Hubert Burda Media are pooling their expertise in market research in order to achieve a better understanding of people in Germany together with their requirements and to reach target groups more efficiently. The study is developed through a process of close cooperation between the four media companies, the media agencies and advertisers. As a media-neutral study, b4p focuses on the public with its complex patterns of media consumption and usage and, through more than 45,000 individual interviews, draws a representative picture of German society, its people, media and markets. In 2014, b4p is appearing for the second time and is issued by Gesellschaft für Integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (GIK). The market research agency conducting the survey is d.core.

The report can be ordered via the website , where you will also find a gratis counting tool and further information connected with best for planning.


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