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Opening night of the World Press Photo Exhibition in Germany - presented by GEO and Gruner + Jahr from May 1- 25, 2003 at the G+J press building at Baumwall in Hamburg

Hamburg, 04 May 2003 –

A mourning boy standing at the grave of his father who died in an earthquakein Iran in June 2002: the picture vividly expresses helplessness, grief, andtangible misery. This black-and-white photograph, which was taken by the Armenianphotographer Eric Grigorian and selected from 53,597 other entries byan international judging panel, is the 2002 World Press Photo of the Year.The photographic sequence "Megacities of Asia" by Peter Bialobrzeski alsoreceived commendation: first prize in the "The Arts Stories" category.Pictures from this series were published in the GEO report on "The Turbo-Cities".The winning pictures, as well as 53 other prize-winning photographs in nine differentcategories, can be viewed at the G+J press building at Baumwall inHamburg from May 1-25 as part of the German World Press Photo exhibition - presented by GEO and Gruner + Jahr.

GEO;lsquo;s chief editor Peter-Matthias Gaede on the importance of theWorld Press Photo Award: "This prize is undoubtedly the most relevantaward for photo journalists worldwide. But it is more than that - year after year,the display of the prize-winning pictures is an intense moment of reflection on events whichwe might already have forgotten or wanted to banish from our memories.A photograph becomes our means of visualizing an event - the picture we keep in our minds."

Not only does the World Press Photo Award document world events of the past year,but it also conveys a glimpse of current trends within pressphotography. In addition to touching and unsettling pictures from conflict-strickenregions around the world, the exhibition also shows other sides ofreportage photography, such as fascinating nature photography, insights intoforeign worlds, and photographic highlights from the fields of art, culture,sports, environment and science.

Exhibition dates: May 1-25, 2003
G+J press building
Am Baumwall 11
D-20459 Hamburg

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Admission is free.

Press photo downloads are available at <a" onfocus="this.blur() target=_new href=>

The exhibition is supported worldwide by Canon, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and TPG global mail, express and logistics.

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/htdocs/bilder/presse/nachrichten/meld_030505_ENG.jpg/htdocs/downloads/presse/EricGrigorian_WPPH_Year-ENG.zipThe World Press Photo of the Year by Eric Grigorian shows a mourning boy at the grave of his father who died in an earthquake in Iran./htdocs/bilder/presse/nachrichten/meld_030505_ENG_2.jpg/htdocs/downloads/presse/Eric_Grigorian-ENG.zipEric Grigorian/htdocs/bilder/presse/nachrichten/meld_030505_ENG_1.jpg/htdocs/downloads/presse/hongkong_sport-ENG.zipA photo from the GEO-series "The Turbo-Cities" by Peter Bialobrzeski, which was awarded first prize in the "Art Stories" category.