Press release

Prisma Presse Launches ENVUE in France

Hamburg, 09 July 2006 –

G+J´s French subsidiary Prisma Presse presents a new magazine: ENVUE, a special issue of the people magazine VSD, makes its newsstand debut on Jul 10.

Like the German STERN extension VIEW, ENVUE presents the best recent photographs from agencies all over the world. Its 132 pages give readers more than 160 impressive photographs, of which at least 40 are double-page spreads.

Philippe Labi, Prisma Presse´s Director Current Events/People, describes the new format: "The ENVUE concept is unprecedented in the French market. The magazine relies heavily on visuals, taking its cue from the viewing habits of 20- to 35-year-olds: spectacular photos and compact texts ensure high attention."

The current issue of Prisma Presse´s new magazine is a pilot; if the market test proves successful, it will eventually be published monthly. If this happens, ENVUE would offer amateurs a platform as well, and publish the best pictures posted in the community at, in the printed issue alongside the high-quality images by professional photographers.Christophe D´Antonio is the editor-in-chief of ENVUE, Richard Otis was appointed its Art Director. They are assisted by a ten-person editorial team.The magazine is published at a cover price of ;euro;2.50; the initial print run is 300,000 copies.

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