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Reorganisation of Gruner + Jahr Germany's publishing groups as of 1 February 2012

Hamburg, 27 November 2011 – Reorganisation of Gruner + Jahr Germany's publishing groups as of 1 February 2012

Gruner + Jahr Germany will restructure the organisation of its publishing groups as of 1 February 2012. The transfer of Dr. Volker Breid, currently publishing director atG+J Women's/Family/People, to the position of managing director atMotor Presse Stuttgart, will bring with it a structural realignment at G+J's four publishing units. This transformation will also see G+J publishing directors Julia Jäkel and Thomas Lindner assume responsibility for several new activities.
Julia Jäkel, publishing director at G+J Exclusive & Living, will take over the joint management of the publishing groups Exclusive & Living and Women's/Family/People excluding positions as they currently stand at our Munich offices. In her new position, Jäkel will be in charge of a total of twenty media brands and families, includingBRIGITTE, GALA, SCHÖNER WOHNEN, ESSEN & TRINKEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, CHEFKOCH.DE, the corporate publishing activities of G+J Corporate Editors, food and nutrition portal XX-WELL.COM, as well as our joint ventures with Klambt (IN, GRAZIA) and 11 FREUNDE, both of which have their headquarters in Berlin.

Alongside his current duties such as running Munich-based STERN titles NEON and NIDO, Thomas Lindner, publishing director at STERN/GEO/ART, will also now take on overall management at G+J's Munich office, with magazine families ELTERN and P.M. and the WUNDERWELT WISSEN magazine. In addition, Lindner's brief will now comprise Entertainment Media publishers, also based in Munich and run by Peider Bach.

Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Chief Executive Officer of Gruner + Jahr AG and President of G+J Germany, says this about the reorganisation: "Dr. Volker Breid is handing over a publishing group that is in excellent condition, and he is leaving behind a unit that does not just function well, but one with dedicated employees, excellent titles and highly successful digital business. Dr. Volker Breid's excellent management earned him Bertelsmann's business prize in 2010. In the name of G+J's Executive Board, I would like to thank him for the outstanding contribution he has made to our company. He has set so many new standards, and I am overjoyed that he is staying on at G+J as the next managing director of Motor Presse Stuttgart. The restructuring we have undertaken for our publishing groups has enabled us to develop an excellent, streamlined and forward-looking solution for our business activities, and I would like to thank Julia Jäkel and Thomas Lindner for accepting the challenge this entails. Working at our Exclusive & Living publishing group over the past few years, Julia Jäkel has been the author of an impressive success story, and I thoroughly believe that she will continue to be just as successful as she takes on additional responsibilities together with the staff working at her new publishing groups. Thomas Lindner has excellent connections to Munich's publishing scene thanks to the NEON and NIDO editing teams located in the city and his past work the management in Munich. I am fully confident that he will lead G+J Munich with a good eye for our publishing activities in the Bavarian capital."

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