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Women on the Net: registration for new courses now open

Hamburg, 06 August 2002 –

Germany is online and so are the women. Anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to learn to use the Internet can now remedy that situation. Free introductory courses will be offered again throughout Germany in September and October for newcomers to the Internet. These will be followed in November by practical courses for women who want to deepen their knowledge (30 Euro). People can register via the free hotline on 0800-330 81 97.

A brochure listing the 147 training locations and the exact dates is available at T-Punkt outlets and employment exchanges. It can also be requested from the Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Informationsgesellschaft und Technologie (Telephone 0521/106 73 50) and the Brigitte reader service, Brieffach 22, 20444 Hamburg, Fax +49-40-3703-5634. The course dates are also published on the Internet under and

This initiative is aimed at women of every age who have not yet had any access to the Internet medium. “Women on the Net“ (Frauen ans Netz) aims to demystify the Internet and to promote it as a medium for knowledge and fun – all in an easy to understand fashion and in a relaxed atmosphere.

The three-hour courses will be taught by selected providers. Exclusively female course leaders will show the participants how to find the information they desire on the web and how to send e-mails. A PC will be available for every course participant. Participants will also bring course material: Step by Step to the Internet (introductory course) and Surfing and Searching (practical course). Attendance at the course will be confirmed by a certificate.

More than 10,000 courses have taken place throughout Germany since 1998. Since that time, the courses have provided basic Internet knowledge to over 100,000 women so that the course participants can now use the net for contact and entertainment, and also for their further professional training or for their re-entry into professional life after they have finished raising their families.

“Women on the Net” (Frauen ans Netz) is a federal project of the Federal Ministry for Training and Research, the Federal Labor Office, the magazine Brigitte, Deutsche Telekom and the Vereins Frauen geben Technik neue Impulse e.V.

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